We Buy Houses in Independence, KY – Video Testimonial

We Buy Houses in Independence KY - Testimonial for We Buy NKY Houses

We buy houses in Independence KY and all over the Cincinnati and NKY area. Watch the video testimonial above to hear how we helped Betty.


Eric: So, tell us a little bit about selling your house.

Betty: First time selling. Didn’t know how to do it. Eric helped us through the process and saved us! He taught us a lot, and I would recommend him any day of the week!

Eric: Thank you so much.

Betty: You’re welcome!

We Buy Houses in Independece KY … even with Liens

When Betty contacted our company, they were in a tough situation. The family was facing different medical situations, and they needed to sell the home quickly.

Like we normally do, we came out and met Betty and asked about her situation. We listened. We cared. We realized that she was in a tough spot.

They had lived in the house for several years, and so like many houses we buy, there was an emotional attachment. But the reality was that they needed to sell the house.

Betty told us that there were some tax liens on the property, so when we went to make the offer, we also included a line item that we would cover those tax liens in the purchase. This was a great benefit to them and one reason they were able to say yes.

After we go under contract with a seller, the next step is always to do a Title Search on the property. We need to verify that the chain of ownership is accurate and that no one else can have a claim on the property. This brought another level of complexity as Betty was not the owner of the home, but the Power of Attorney for the current owner. So, we worked with her on gathering this information and making sure we could still close on the house with her being the POA.

The Title search went on to reveal some additional liens around child support. The amount of these liens were a surprise to the sellers. So, beyond the tax liens and the POA, we also helped work with Kenton County Child Support to get a partial release of the home. All of this work caused the closing to be a bit longer than normal, but we were willing to help Betty every step of the way.

Finally, closing came, and we did one extra act of kindness to make sure Betty could move on time and get into a house they had targeted.  Their future landlord made it clear they needed to put a deposit down in order to get into their house. We were able to help make this happen on Friday and settle the matter when closing occurred the following Monday.

At We Buy NKY Houses, we are going to do what it takes to help you sell your house, even when there are tax liens, or challenges, or questions, or problems. We will help you get it done!

We care about our sellers and our community. We solve problems, and we buy homes. And, we try to do it with kindness, respect and humility.

Thank you Betty for trusting us and the kind words in the testimonial. We wish you all the best going forward!


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