Manage Multiple Properties - Wooden house

5 Tips for Investors Who Manage Multiple Properties in Northern Kentucky

Are looking to know how to manage multiple properties? Without proper management, your investment portfolio will be like a ship cast adrift without a captain at the helm successfully navigating the waters. It takes time to steer a boat in a new direction and keep in line with upcoming market changes, such as rent increases … Continued

Sell Your House Directly- Handing keys

4 Reasons to Sell Your House Directly in Northern Kentucky

Why should you sell your house directly? You are likely to avoid what you don’t understand; however, this often leads to missed opportunities. There are many different situations, issues with properties, and reasons for selling. When the time comes to sell your home, the traditional market and all the trappings of a real estate agent … Continued

Selling an Old House- old dated house

4 Tips for Selling an Old House in Northern Kentucky

Are you looking for tips for selling an old house? While older homes are often quite charming, their age can be of concern to buyers. Because of the unique challenges that older homes can present, you must take special care to improve your odds of a deal. Therefore, we’ve gathered together our top four tips … Continued

Buying Multi-Family Properties- Big Family

What Investors Need to Know About Buying Multi-Family Properties in Northern Kentucky

Do you plan on buying multi-family properties? Your efforts towards growing your real estate portfolio allow you to live life on your terms in your golden years through passive income. Multi-family properties provide an excellent opportunity towards this end; however,  single-family homes and multi-family properties are two entirely different ball games. Just as with the … Continued

Sell a House When You Owe Back Taxes- Calculator

How to Sell a House When You Owe Back Taxes Northern Kentucky

Are you searching for tips on how to sell a house when you owe back taxes? Tax liens are like a giant stop sign for property owners who are ready to sell. Especially for those faced with a tax lien placed on their property so high that selling their home is the only option available … Continued

Selling Distressed Properties- Disappointed

4 Tips for Selling Distressed Properties in Northern Kentucky

Are you looking for tips for selling distressed properties? Selling a home under the best of circumstances can be challenging to say the least, so when you add the factor of a property in a distressed condition, the headaches begin to multiply. Preparing yourself for the realities of the market should you find yourself in … Continued