Selling Your Parent’s House in Cincinnati or NKY

Inheriting a parent or loved ones home after they have passed away can be tough. Now, you are not only dealing with the loss of a parent, but also trying to figure out what to do with this house and all of the stuff in it. If you are interested in selling your parent’s house in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, We Buy NKY Houses can hold your hand while guiding you through all of your options during this hard time. Check out this short video for more information on selling your parent’s house in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky.

Selling Your Parent's House in Cincinnati or NKY
Selling your Parent’s House in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky

Selling an Inherited Property

Hey guys, it’s Eric Sztanyo from! Here at We Buy NKY Houses, we buy houses AS IS for CASH in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Our goal is to help people sell their homes quick and for cash, no matter what their reason for selling. This post in particular is for anyone who has inherited a home from a loved one and now feels stuck trying to figure out what to do with this home.

The biggest benefit of working with We Buy NKY houses in these situations is that I am also a licenced realtor with Keller Williams. This is a huge advantage for you because now I am able to run the numbers both ways, giving you several solutions of how to sell your parent’s house in Cincinnati or NKY. There are several factors that will determine which route is the best for you and your situation, but We Buy NKY Houses will always be open and honest about the numbers and help guide you to what makes the most sense for you. Continue reading to learn more about what options We Buy NKY Houses can provide to help you sell your parent’s house.

Selling with We Buy NKY Houses

Your first option will be to sell, for cash, to We Buy NKY Houses. The benefit of this option is speed. When you accept a cash offer from We Buy NKY Houses, we can close in as little as TWO WEEKS. This option is perfect for someone who has inherited a home that needs several updates or repairs before it could be listed and they do not have the time or money to spend on it.

When working with We Buy NKY Houses, we will take that burden away from you AS IS. You will no longer have to worry about updating that kitchen or replacing that old flooring, We Buy NKY Houses will take the home exactly how it stands. So how it works is, we will come in, we will run the numbers, and we will present you with a cash offer. We will show you exactly where we came up with that number, We Buy NKY Houses is extremely open and honest about how we decide what we are willing to offer. What we do is plug everything into a very simple formula. First, we look at what we could sell the house for if it wa completely fixed up. We then back out our expenses and any profit that we want to make from the sale as investors. After carefully looking into these things, we are able to provide a honest and fair cash offer for the home.

Selling the House Through Team Sztanyo

Your second option when working with us would be to list your parent’s home on the market with Team Sztanyo, this is Eric’s licenced real estate team at Keller Williams Advisors. This option is best for someone who has inherited a property that does not need as many updates and improvements. When listing with Team Sztanyo the home will be put on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and then shoot out to Zillow and Trulia. This will attract any interested or potential buyers.

The benefit of listing with Team Sztanyo, in most cases, is that you will net more money for the home in the long-run. The downside is just that, the long-run. If you choose to list the home on the MLS rather than sell to a cash buyer, it may take up to two or three months to close on the property compared to closing in only two weeks if you sell to a cash home buyer.

So if you are in no particular rush and want to net more money for the home, you may want to consider listing the home with Team Sztanyo.

The “Middle” Option

There is however, a “middle option” for selling your parent’s Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky house. If you want to get more money for the home, you can also list the property as is on the market. What I mean by that is, you still do not do the updates or the needed work but instead of selling to a cash buyer, you list the home on the MLS.

This could still net you more money in the end, especially if you were to attract an owner-occupant or someone who is willing to buy the house and live there while they make the necessary updates and improvements. This option is considered a middle ground because while you will likely net more money then you would if selling to a cash buyer, you will not make as much as you would if you were to fix it up and listing it in perfect condition. This option also may take 2-3 months to close.

If you are sitting here reading this and thinking, “all of this sounds great, but I still don’t know which option is best for me and my situation, what do I do?!” give us a call. Eric and We Buy NKY Houses will help guide you to the option that is best for you! Call (859) 412-1940 to schedule a free, no obligation appointment with Eric. We would love to be able to help you out!

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