How To Sell A House Long Distance

It’s a typical American story. The childhood home you grew up in is one you don’t visit all that often anymore. Sure, you visit your family on holidays, but as time goes on, often your loved ones need to downsize, move to a senior living home, or perhaps they have even passed away.

Now you have a home on your hands, but you live in a different state. You don’t want to rent it out and mess with the ongoing property management of tenants. And, you know that the house has a lot of repairs needed. So, you’ve decided to sell the home. The problem is, it can be difficult to sell a home remotely. So, this article is intended to help with tips on how to sell a house long distance.

how to sell a house long distance - my grandparents house in michigan

Watching My Dad Manage His Parents’ House In Michigan

Over the past two years, I watched both of my Dad’s parents gradually deteriorate in health and pass away. My grandfather died a few weeks before turning 93, and my grandmother died 5 months later at the age of 91.

They lived an amazing life. They were married to each other for 72 years. 72 years! And, they lived in their home in upstate Michigan for over 50 years. It was directly across the street from the village’s church, where they attended and served faithfully for those 50+ years.

When they passed away, there was about a year long process of the family sorting through items they wanted to have. Both the children and the grandchildren got a chance to grab items that could be useful, like tools, and those that were sentimental favorites.

repairs and cleanout to an inherited house

But when it was time to sell, it could have been an absolute disaster had my grandparents not made great relationships in the community. It was actually the pastor of the church who we ended up selling the house to, which the entire family was thrilled about. No real estate agent. Minimal repairs. And, the house will be used by a loving and generous family.


But, What If You Don’t Have A Network?

If you don’t have a network to sell, you have to go a different route. When trying to figure out how to sell a house long distance, you’re going to prepare the house, make repairs, try to improve the curb appeal, hire an agent, and manage all of the showings. Sounds easy, right?

That’s because it’s not.

Hopefully, the house is paid off and there are no bills to pay. But, when you are trying to sell a house remotely AND it’s taking money out of your wallet every month, you may need to get that house gone now. It’s very possible that you don’t want to or are able to make all of the necessary repairs. Perhaps you cannot wait several months for an agent to list, show and sell the property. Maybe, you don’t want to pay the expensive realtor fees on the sale.

So, is there another alternative?

We Buy Houses in Northern Kentucky For Cash

Yes. Another alternative is to sell to a We Buy Houses company like ours. In a very short amount of time, we can review your property and give you an all cash offer.

We buy as is. So, you don’t need to make any repairs or upgrades to the house. Now, will you get full retail price? No. But, many people who are trying to figure out how to sell a house long distance care more about getting rid of the headache and the burden of the house than about getting every dollar they can out of the sale.

But, it feels so good to just be done with it!

If you own a house and do not live locally, we buy houses all throughout Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area. We buy houses in Fort Thomas, Fort Wright, Fort Mitchell, Erlanger, Florence, Villa Hills, Lakeside Park, Crescent Springs, Edgewood, Newport, Covington, Alexandria, Hebron, Cold Spring and anywhere else with an NKY zip code.

Fill out are form or call us today. We would love to help you figure out how to sell a house long distance.

How Much Work Do You Want To Do?

My Dad drove 250 miles about every other weekend for two years to help take care of his dying parents. It was a beautiful way to honor his parents. It was absolutely a second job for him, at least. And in the end, he was able to be by their side when they passed away.

family legacy

Then, the work of cleaning out the entire home and selling it began. There are many ways to honor your parents. And, there are many ways to sell a home.

If you are interested in selling your home quickly, contact us today.

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