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Covington KY Cash Home Buyer Review

Marcia called us up and was ready to sell her Covington Kentucky home. After raising a family in the home, there were a few deferred maintenance issues that were starting to snowball and create bigger issues. A problem with the gutters one day can easily turn into drywall, structural and even mold issues the next. Enough was enough for Marcia. She gave us a call.

Like a lot of sellers we work with in NKY or Cincinnati, they aren’t sure what to expect when a cash home buyer comes to the door. Let’s be honest. Selling a home for cash is not the most common way to sell a home. So, a lot of questions come along with it. “Can I trust this person? Do they know what they are doing? Do I want to sell my home to this person? What will they do with my house after they buy it? How much will they give me for my house? Are they going to give me a lowball offer? AREN’T ALL CASH HOME BUYERS JUST SLEEZEBALLS???

Well … we get it. We understand your questions. Before we got into the business of buying homes, we had a lot of the same questions and stereotypes about the people who buy houses for cash. To be fully honest, this industry tends to attract a lot of people who are trying to make money fast with little to no risk. And because of that reality, we determined to get into the business and treat people with respect and dignity. We also won’t do a deal unless it’s a win-win. We call it Win Win or No Deal. 

Because of this philosophy, there’s a reason why we keep getting 5 star reviews from all of our sellers. There’s a reason why they are smiling at the closing table and will leave us video testimonials.

We do good work. We make offers that will work for our sellers. We do what we say we’ll do. We are responsive and communicative, and we treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Watch what our latest seller had to say about working with us:

Covington KY Cash Home Buyer Review - We Buy NKY Houses



ERIC: So, tell us a little bit about selling your house.

MARCIA: Well … I am an empty nester. My kids are grown, and I didn’t have the time or patience to keep up with the house, so I decided to sell.  And go down to something smaller. And, I contacted Eric.

ERIC: And, what was the process like for you?

MARCIA: Easy. I wasn’t nervous at all. He helped me out every step of the way. Everything he said he’d do, he did. He made the process great. I’d definitely recommend Eric.”

ERIC: Thank you so much!


We Buy Houses in Covington, KY – Sell Your House Fast for CASH

Need to sell your Covington, KY house fast? We are cash home buyers in the Covington, NKY and Greater Cincinnati areas, and we can buy your house fast. We love helping sellers like Marcia who was thrilled with our offer and happy to move on from her house.

And when we come to make you an offer, you can rely on the fact that we will treat you honestly and with dignity and respect. We only make deals that work for everyone, and we make a strong effort to be the most trusted home buyer in the NKY and Cincinnati area. Call us today.

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