What Happens After You Sell Your Home? Before and After of an NKY Cash Home Purchase

So what happens after you sell your home to an investor? That’s what we’re going to talk about. My name is Eric Sztanyo from WeBuyNKYHouses.com. And we bought a house just a few months ago. We fixed it up. We cleaned it out and it’s about to go on the market tomorrow. I want to show you more about what happens after you sell your home!

What Happens After You Sell Your Home? Before and After of an NKY Cash Home Purchase

How We Buy NKY Houses Can Help You When Selling Your Home

So what’s the story behind this house? Well, like many sellers who contact us, the people who own this house were in a tough position. They didn’t want to be here anymore. They had several dogs. And so their house down here in Latonia, Kentucky was not only too small for them. There wasn’t a yard for the dogs, but the dogs were kind of beating up the house a little bit. And there were a number of things wrong with the house. There were some roof leaks. So there was some damage to the ceilings. The floors were kind of beat up, and the kitchen needed some attention. They were in a tough spot, but the problem was they didn’t have money to fix it up. So what do you do?

Well, the sellers of this house did what a lot of people do. They called us. They called a cash buyer to say “Hey, can you come and give us a cash offer on the house? We just want to close with this thing. We want to pay off our mortgage. And we want to have a little bit where we can go put a down payment on the next house.” They’d been looking at some houses out in the country that had a little bit of land where their dogs could run free. That was affordable for them would give them a little bit more space. And they had a number of what they needed to get for the house. So they called me up. I came and looked at it. I looked at the comps basically is what we do when we look at houses and say “If we fix this house up, what could we resell it for?”

What happens after you sell your home to We Buy NKY Houses? First, we simply do a math problem on our end. We look at how much the repairs are gonna cost. We’ve got some other fixed costs and then there’s some profit we want to make on the other end of it when we go to resell it. And that’s the number that we had, that was the number they needed. And so the deal was made and we signed the papers and we close a little over a week later. My dad’s been helping me manage this project, and we did a lot to the house. We put a brand new kitchen in, we cleared out some of the old cabinets, we put in new cabinets and brand new appliances that we bought. brand new flooring all throughout the house.

Sell my house- Kitchen new

We did some roof work that we had to do on top. We painted the entire exterior. We put on kind of a brand new porch cause the rod irons were rusting out. So we post and fixed up the rod iron. Painted the entire exterior. New carpet throughout. Updated both bathrooms. So, this was a big project for us.

And the reason why I’m showing it – is not to say “Hey, look at us.” But a lot of times when the seller’s house is run down and they sell it to a cash buyer, they oftentimes say to me “Hey, when it’s all done and you get the photos already and you go to sell it, can you show it to us? We really want to see it.” And I get that completely.

What Happens After You Sell Your Home- Kitchen

You’ve lived in the house and you know what the house could be, but life happens. Right? And oftentimes we don’t have the finances to do what we want to do with the house like fixing it up. I get it completely. In fact, like even in my own home, there’s a lot of projects that I don’t do because life just happens and it happens all the time. And so a lot of times when sellers call me or when we go to sign a contract, they say “Hey, can I see the photos? When you’re done, I’d love to see that the house is all complete.

So this one we’re really proud of. We fixed it all up. We had it staged by a stager. And it’s about to go on the market with my business on the other side, which is team Sztanyo, where I’m a realtor with Keller Williams.

What Happens After You Sell Your Home- Old room
What Happens After You Sell Your Home- New room

I’m both a cash buyer and a realtor. Some people don’t know that, but that’s a lot of reason why people give me such high reviews is because when I come and talk to you as a seller, I give you options both either on the cash offer side or helping you out on the realtor side to list it. And I can give you that data both ways and you can decide what’s best for you. And know what happens after you sell your home.

I want to do a walk-through of this house cause I thought it turned out really nice. We’re excited about this project down here in Latoya. It’s coming on the market soon. It’s going to be an awesome house for a young professional or first-time home buyer or even a family. We ended up making this backroom which is kind of an office into a bedroom. We added a closet in that room. So it’s three bedrooms, two baths, and it’s a cute little home, really happy with his project.

We did a lot in this house and I want to show you guys a little bit of the before pictures and you can compare them to what it looks like now. So enjoy the before and after here.

Need Help In Selling Your House?

If you guys have a house in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati area that you need to sell fast for cash, give us a call and We Buy NKY Houses (859-4121-940). Or if you want to run the numbers and say “Hey, what can I sell this for as is? I know the market’s hot.” Give us a call again because I’m a realtor with Keller Williams as well. I’ll run the numbers both ways. I’ll show you net sheets on both sides.

You can decide what’s best for you. That’s why a lot of people like working with us. We’re a local family-owned business. We love taking properties that need a little bit of love, a little bit of care, a little bit of work into them, making them beautiful, putting them back on the market so that someone else can enjoy the home. But if you need to sell your house, then give us a call. I hope you enjoyed this little walkthrough of a project we did down here in Covington and Latonya, Kentucky. All right, we’ll talk to you guys soon!

What Happens After You Sell Your Home- Flip houses
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