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5 Ways You Can Save Money When Selling Your House in Cincinnati

People are most often left with this decision if they need to relocate for a job opportunity, or because they’ve decided to take an extended vacation. Whatever the reason may be, they are left with a tough choice on what to do with their current home, with some big financial and emotional ramifications. You want the best options for your to get the most of what your house is worth so you’re wondering if there are ways you can save money when selling your house in Cincinnati. Did you know you do not have to willingly hand over tens of thousands of dollars just to sell your home? After all, you are the one who has been making the house payments for years, building the equity that you are ready to access. Wouldn’t you like to know how to keep more of the profits for yourself? We will cover five ways you can save money when selling your house in Cincinnati. 

Save Money When Selling Your House - Old House

Skip the Traditional Listing

Skipping all of the preparations that traditional listings require is a great way to save money. Cleaning, painting, and updates all require an investment. If your home is in less than shipshape condition, you will likely have to complete repairs before most buyers qualify for a loan on the property. Additionally, in most cases, buyers make meager offers on distressed properties found on the MLS. When you sell to a direct buyer in Cincinnati, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up or make any repairs. Direct buyers like We Buy NKY Houses purchase property as-is! Because they will not be moving into the home, if you need it, they will give you time to find your new house! 

Forget Commissions

With a traditional real estate transaction, you will be paying a real estate agent’s commissions, possible broker fees, and all of the other fees associated with a real estate transaction, including closing costs. Working with a direct buyer like We Buy NKY Houses  means no vast commissions are coming off of the top of your offer. When we make our fair offer, and you have accepted, the agreed-upon amount is what you receive in cash.

No Marketing

If the thought of strangers touring your home in person and online sounds less than appealing, you can avoid the unpleasantries of intrusive showings around other people’s schedules. When you sell directly, there is no need to market the home so that you can skip all of the photography fees, the professional drone pilot expense for the standard 360-degree virtual tour on the top real estate sites, and all of the other costs out of pocket. Avoiding marketing by making a sale to a Cincinnati direct buyer like We Buy NKY Houses is a great way to save money when selling your house.

No Holding Costs

Wouldn’t you prefer not to relocate before your existing home has sold? Maybe you don’t have a choice. With traditional listings, there is no predetermined closing date, meaning you will have to pay for two residences as well as the expenses to travel back and forth to watch over the property. Otherwise, you will have to ask favors or pay someone to be your caretaker from a distance. Skipping all of the hassles of traditional listings by working with a local direct buyer like We Buy NKY Houses means closing in as little as seven days. A direct sale is an alternative that can save you money when selling your house in Cincinnati.

A Direct Sale to We Buy NKY Houses

It is plain to see that a direct sale to We Buy NKY Houses is the best way to save money when selling your house in Cincinnati. Working with We Buy NKY Houses means you can forego any concerns of waiting for your existing home to sell, avoid the upfront out of pocket expenses of a traditional listing, leave your home as it sits, and just walk away. You don’t even have to clean! Why not save time and keep more of your profits? Give We Buy NKY Houses a call today at (859) 412-1940 or send us a message to get your offer!

As a seller, there would be certain fees that you need to consider that include the house improvements and all the paper works and people who will be involved in order to make that sale. With that in mind, you may be asking questions like: Do you lose money when selling a house? How do you sell your house without losing money? How much money do you lose when selling a house?

We Buy NKY Houses is here to listen to you and can address any questions you may have about your specific circumstances and what you can do to avoid these ramifications. Just call (859) 412-1940.

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