5 Signs of a Great Real Estate Agent in NKY and Cincinnati

There are lots of agents out there. They all say they want to work for you and will do “whatever it takes!” But how do you know when you’ve found the right one? What should you look for to find a great real estate agent in NKY and Cincinnati?

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We have put together our Top 5 signs of a great real estate agent!

They should ALWAYS come highly recommended…

Ask your friends, family, and people you know who have recently bought or sold a house. Not just for the names of agents they know, but people who have recently gone through the process and worked with someone great.

Another excellent source is online reviews. Today, it’s easy to hop on Zillow or Google Locations and see what kind of reviews an agent has. This social proof is a great way to vet real estate agents.

Do your homework and research a few agents before you settle on one. Remember, you are making a commitment to sell your home with a real estate and locking in for several months. So, you want to be sure they are good and that your home gets sold!

Below is a look at some top rated NKY real estate agents. We know that if you choose the Treas Team, based in Florence, KY, you will get a team that cares about honesty, integrity and is highly knowledgeable!

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They should be tech-savvy…

People shop online for their homes. Your agent should have a visible presence on the major real estate websites. They should know how to get your listing seen by the right people, which platforms work the best, and how to use photography to sell the house. They should be able to text or email back and forth with you without any communication issues. How they are presenting themselves online, is how they will present your house.

Again, you can vet this out by simply doing a bit of online search. Does the agent have a credible online presence? Do they have reviews? Do they update their blog regularly? Can you text or call them easily? Do they respond to emails? In today’s real estate landscape, there are all kinds of apps that can make an agent’s work more efficient. Be sure your agent is taking advantage of what works!

They should ALWAYS be working. At least they appear to be…

Real estate can be cut throat. Your agent has to be someone how is working hard, all the time! This one can be hard to detect. Many times, once an agent gets the listing and puts your home on the MLS, they stop working for you. When you are asking for referrals, make sure you ask past homeowners how the agent worked for them throughout the sales process. A great real estate agent won’t stop until they’ve sold your home.

They should be sending you information at 2 am when they think of something new. (By email of course!) They should be keeping you updated and checking in with you often as new buyers come forward.

They know the neighborhood…

Better yet, they live in the neighborhood or nearby. Having a real knowledge of the area will help them be able to best market your home. Do they know NKY and Cincinnati well? Do they know the hotspots where young professionals want to be in areas like OTR, Oakley and Bellevue? Do they know that more boomers are leaving the suburbs and moving to walkable communities?

A great real estate agent will have an understanding of the local demographics and what they are looking for in a home. They will be able to answer all questions about the neighborhood and really be able to sell the location to potential buyers. If they love the area, they will be able to convey to others why they will too.

They take it seriously…

Professionalism goes a long way. Working with someone who is always punctual, who keep their appointments and who follows through goes a long way. If you agent is frantic, running around and appears scattered… they probably are. Work with someone who properly manages their time, and is focused on you and your needs when you are meeting. They should be able to update you on nearby sales, interest in your home, and what they are doing to actively sell your house!

Remember, at the end of the day, real estate agents are working for you. And, they make money when your home is sold. Look for someone who has a great reputation, solid online reviews, that you feel comfortable with and want to work with. At the end of the day, they make money when your home sells, so be sure to get your money’s worth!

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