4 Things to do if You Are Upside-Down on Your Mortgage in KY & OH

Are currently upside-down on your mortgage? Whether you overpaid for the property in a bidding war, you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments, or property values have dipped, being upside-down on your mortgage or owing more than the current market value is a less-than-ideal situation for homeowners. If circumstances force you to sell your house instead of waiting out a market turnaround for values to rise, you may feel backed into a corner. Understandably you don’t want to make a costly misstep when faced with this dilemma, so exploring your options is helpful. 

With so many decisions ahead, being fully informed and weighing the benefits of each will help you feel confident in the action you take. So read on as we explore four things you can do if you are upside-down on your mortgage in KY & OH.

Selling Your House for Cash vs Listing on the Market with a Realtor - Fort Mitchell House Case Study


The first thing you can do if you are upside-down on your mortgage in KY & OH is to get a realistic picture of where you stand. Then, contact your lender for the amount owing on the mortgage and schedule a professional appraiser so that you’ll work with exact numbers.

Professional buyers like those at We Buy NKY Houses want you to make an educated decision about your future, so they’ll compare what you could earn from listing vs. our offer to buy your house directly as-is for cash, and you can skip the prep, cleaning, and repairs. At We Buy NKY Houses, our professional buyers provide all the details used to calculate our offer because we want you to agree it is fair and feel good about working with us long after closing.

Short Sale

Naturally, you want to try every option if you are upside down on your mortgage in KY & OH; while a short sale has some consequences, they don’t compare to the fallout from claiming bankruptcy or a foreclosure on your credit record. Professional buyers like those at We Buy NKY Houses are highly seasoned negotiators who can work out a short sale with your lender. A direct sale to one of our professional buyers at We Buy NKY Houses makes it easy to solve your home selling troubles in KY & OH.

Pay the Difference

Another thing you can do if you’re upside down on your mortgage in KY & OH is to sell the property and bring the amount owing to the closing table to pay off the remainder of the mortgage. With a direct sale of your KY & OH house to professional buyers like those at We Buy NKY Houses, you’ll get a fair value and won’t pay any hefty real estate commissions. At We Buy NKY Houses, our professional buyers operate with total transparency. At We Buy NKY Houses, there are no hidden fees, and because of our full-service in-house team of industry specialists, you won’t pay any closing costs, and we can provide you with a fast, guaranteed closing day. Or talk to your professional buyer from We Buy NKY Houses about selecting the best calendar date for your closing.

4 Things to do if You Are Upside-Down on Your Mortgage in KY & OH

Help with Your Mortgage

We Buy NKY Houses buys houses directly – and if that doesn’t sound good to you, we can help you list on the MLS and sell for top dollar, or, we can do all of the work for you, you choose! There are many more reasons why Fort Mitchell real estate investors should also be licensed agents providing the most beneficial aspects of each and the conveniences of both. No matter what obstacles you may be facing, We Buy NKY Houses has the right option in Fort Mitchell for all of your real estate needs.

If you have questions like: Can a mortgage be reversed? What not to do when taking out a mortgage? Then give us a call! We Buy NKY Houses answers concerns about selling your property or any questions you may have with absolutely no obligation. At We Buy NKY Houses, our hybrid professional buyer real estate agents are ready to help you today. Send us a message or call We Buy NKY Houses at (859) 412-1940.

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