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4 Costs Associated With Rental Property in NKY or Cincinnati

If you’re thinking about investing in rental property, you’re probably doing your due diligence to make sure it’s right for you. Likely, one step in that due diligence is figuring out what expenses you’ll pay. Smart! To help you, we’ve created this list of 4 costs associated with rental property in NKY or Cincinnati…When it comes to investing in rental properties, it’s easy to think of the cash-flowing income. But remember that your profit doesn’t come from the gross rent but what’s leftover after your expenses. For that reason, here are 4 costs associated with rental property in NKY or Cincinnati that you should be aware of…

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4 Costs Associated With Rental Property In NKY or Cincinnati

#1. Taxes And Fees

One of the costs you’ll have is the property tax you’ll pay, which could include property tax, school tax, municipal taxes, waste and recycling tax, HOA fees, as well as any potential income tax on your rental income. We can’t give you an exact amount that you’ll pay (it depends on a number of factors) but you should be aware of what the taxes will be.

#2. Insurance

Rental property is an asset and you’ll want to make sure that you and your asset is protected. For that reason, you should insure it. Make sure you insure the property and structure against damage (such as fire), as well as have some liability insurance in case your tenant or a visitor hurts themselves. Your tenant should also have insurance on their belongings.

#3. Upkeep

Another cost, which may be harder to estimate ahead of time, is upkeep costs. This includes things like the costs to maintain and repair the furnace, hot water tank, roof, and the plumbing and electrical systems in the house. Upkeep costs would be incurred whether you live in the house or your rent it out, and they’re important to ensure that your rental property is a nice place to live.

 #4. Time

This last cost might surprise you but it’s the cost of owning a rental and dealing with tenants. You’ll need to spend some time finding a tenant, doing a background check, making sure they pay their rent on time, and occasionally checking on the property. And, since “time is money”, there is a cost implication to you. It can be minimized, though, with an investment into a good property and a property management team.

It is wise to seek help from the right investment partner who has the right amount of experience who will help you throughout the process from finding the best investment property to negotiation and help you with all the tedious paperwork and requirement to make that deal.

Costs Associated With Rental Property- money


Before you let this list scare you away, remember: every investment has costs… whether it’s the transaction fees or management fees charged by your stockbroker or mutual fund manager, or whether it’s these 4 costs associated with rental property in NKY or Cincinnati. What’s important for you to decide is whether the benefits far outweigh the costs. And when it comes to rental property, we believe they do.

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